Suite 1103, Block D1
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office
Building, 19 Dongfang Road East
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
Post Code 100600

New York:
52 West 14th St.
Suite 2C
New York, NY 10011



"Have no interest of your own. Take the interest of others as your own."
- The Tao Teh Ching


Our People create the foundation for our success and are the basis of our Investment Philosophy. We seek to create trusted lifelong relationships with our team, investors, advisors and with company owners and operators. Our investment of time and human capital is substantial. In return, we only seek to work with partners that are willing to "take the interest of others as their own” in both life and business.

Our work ethic is balanced by our focus on personal relationships. Ensuring a healthy balanced lifestyle is of primary importance. We at Ajia believe life's riches are found in the people you choose to surround yourself with. Balancing the demands of work and one's personal relationships is the key to unlocking those riches.


"Our lifelong relationships are the measure of our success" - Ajia Group