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Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office
Building, 19 Dongfang Road East
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New York:
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Ajia Merchant Bank

Ajia Merchant Bank provides a wide range of financial and strategic services with the primary goal of finding and fostering trusted business relationships around the world.  As a privately held boutique advisory firm Ajia Merchant Bank prides itself on the ability to create longstanding relationships.  Our value is created and manifested through our partnerships.  Our team is held to the highest ethical standards and our business has been built upon a clear philosophy and work ethic that thrives on the global diversity of cultures in which we operate.

Venture Services

Navigating growth can be a daunting challenge for any company.  Ajia Merchant Bank offers advisory services designed to help business owner and operators navigate the many obstacles to growth.  We play multiple roles that include those of an entrepreneur, operational and financial management advisor, in-house investment banker, corporate development advisor, specialized industry analyst, strategic planner and investor. We work with management and operating partners to enhance the ultimate enterprise value of a company over time.

We know that typically a company's infrastructure must be developed to support a larger professional fundraising effort. Our Venture Services provide guidance and counsel for businesses at a stage just prior to, or currently conducting, an initial institutional fundraising round.  At this stage a company often needs operational and financial enhancements to maximize opportunities for growth.

We focus on marketing, operations and asset utilization to assess overall cash margins and working capital practices within the company.  Our goal is to address these infrastructure investments prior to pursuing growth strategies or growth capital.

Corporate Advisory Services

Ajia Merchant Bank also provides global corporate finance services. We provide financial and strategic guidance to Fortune 500 corporations and small business entrepreneurs alike.

Our advisory services take into consideration long-term and short-term needs for our clients to determine appropriate financing for both long-term investment projects or short term decisions for working capital management.  We focus on managing cash, inventories, and short-term borrowing and lending. We provide strategic assessment, knowledge and experience that assist firms in identifying, planning, developing, managing, negotiating and executing optimal capital transactions.

Advisory engagements can also assist emerging or underperforming firms in developing business strategies.  Once viable strategies are mutually identified and determined, we assist in the strategy development and implementation steps.